Rayve Zen
Once upon a time..
Rayve Zen is a Singaporean-Chinese-American film, television and theater actor. Born in Singapore, Rayve started as the frontman of a rock outfit, Turn The Tap, before serving a two-year spell in the military and, subsequently, beginning his acting career with children’s theater company, Act 3 Theatrics. Thereafter, he decided to hone his craft in college by studying Musical Theater. On screen, he was first known to the public as the prominent face of the award-nominated KOKA Instant Noodles advertisement. In 2012, he met the visionary American theater director, Robert Wilson, and was invited to be the first ever Singaporean to participate in the prestigious Watermill International Summer Program in New York, where he worked and learned from some of the most renowned international artists in various capacities. Rayve gained a Best Lead Actor Nomination in the 2012 FiRST Film Festival for the short film “Paper Plane.” He played the charismatic Hanschen Rilow in the Pangdemonium’s 2012 production “Spring Awakening” to critical acclaim. And, upon his return from the United States, he was cast in National Broadway Company, a TheatreWorks production featuring Singapore’s brightest young talents. In 2013, he snagged the romantic lead role Shi Jun Mai in the 2013 blockbuster musical Glass Anatomy alongside Taiwanese singer Della Ding Dang. Rayve’s rise to recognition with the prominent role of Sham the Adventure Boy in the hit children’s television series, CLUB M.A.G.I.C. Involvement in various print and television advertising campaigns by Garnier Men, Kit Kat, Harvey Norman, Heaven & Earth, Starhub and Mundi Pharma soon followed. He bagged the role of Inspector Lee Boon Ping in the long-running Mediacorp crime series “Mata Mata” and struck a memorable impression with the Singaporean public audience. He was one of the only cast members who returned for a second season in the show. He played the famously unorthodox Singaporean lawyer, Josephus Tan, in the 2014 law series “Verdict” directed by Ellery Ngiam.
Known for remarkable versatility and commitment to his craft, he added another notable character to his portfolio with his memorable portrayal of the eccentric Ang Mo Beng in the 2016 Sam Loh film “Siew Lup” In 2014, he moved to Hong Kong and was subsequently cast in a variety of online films in Guangdong, China. 2016 was the year Rayve was cast in the epic Chinese-Korean war movie “Azalea”, which was shot in Heilongjiang, China. He was also the star of the “Mr.H 阿憨”, a Chinese film about the integration into society of a person with autism. In 2017, he made his first appearance in a major Hong Kong film in the leading box office success Shock Wave with Andy Lau and Jiang Wu. The film was directed by the prolific Hong Kong director Herman Yau. He was also the star of “Endless Love”, a short by director Angelo Costadimas. Bringing his likeable personality to the fore in a different capacity, he became the host of the 2018 documentary “What’s Your Art?” directed by acclaimed Russian director Maxim Bessmertny. Rayve continues to create groundbreaking work and prove that with determination and kindness, one can succeed under any circumstances. He champions environmental sustainability and has a passion for work supporting at-risk/disadvantaged youths.